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Victory rolls is a vintage hairstyle, but they come with a rockabilly cool that makes it an enviable contemporary hairstyle. This upgraded version is great for the club. Paired with some extra bold makeup and clothes, the dance floor spotlight will definitely be on you. Learn how to get this style in the notes. –– Kelly Rowe

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The spawn of a Rock Star, and now a sartorial critic, who better to champion the spiky stud hair accessory trend than British tearaway, Kelly Osbourne. Over the past few seasons studs have invaded our bags and belts and boots, but now they’re heading for our crowning glories; we can thank Kelly for showing us what we were missing. Spotted on the red carpet of the American Music Awards, her signature lavender candy-coat was covered in rows of gold studs, which amble down the head shape parallel to twin French braids. The plaits come together in a bun in the back, and this braided bun features an artful decoration of even more spiky studs. An attention-grabbing look that signals a new wave of punk-inspired beauty trends, you can learn more about wearing this unusual accessory in the style notes.

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The popularity of DIY owes a lot to the early punk movement. While nowadays the term punk is applied to teens with mohawks and safety-pin embellished ensembles, the original movement created a new aesthetic that moved against mainstream ideas about fashion, spawning a look that defied style norms. Androgynous haircuts, chalking, tousled styling, and disconnection are great ways to integrate punk into your style. Click the notes to for more tips on incorporating this trend. –– Laura Martin

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Miley Cyrus

With an effortless combination of grunge and glamor, Miley Cyrus captured the mood of the Met Gala, PUNK: From Chaos to Couture. And while perfectly fitting the image, her hair is also an example of the versatility of cropped cuts. The blonde with dark roots makes it aggressively stark, while the cluster of barbed strands round the crown attaches the dramatic aesthetic of the punk rock epoch. But Miley is also able to style her cut sleek and smooth or tousled and undone. For tips to creating punk-inspired spikes, and a variety of other looks with short hair, click style notes.

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British designer Vivienne Westwood describes herself as “the only punk left” –– to her credit, she and her partner Malcolm McLaren gave the punk rock movement its rebellious, deconstructed, hell-for-leather look in the 1970s. On May 9th, The Met’s Costume Institute exhibition, PUNK: Chaos to Couture, will examine punk’s influence over high fashion from the early beginnings of Westwood and the Sex Pistols to its modern adaptations. The exhibit will feature many designs, including original punk apparel and reinterpretations by designers Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Rei Kawakubo, and Givenchy. Another integral part of a punk-rockers style, and the movement in general, was the hair. Often worn short and unkempt, or dyed in unnatural colors, the styles eventually evolved into mohawks and devilocks –– a hairstyle that featured short back and sides, while the front was long and combed forward. To see our favorite inspirational looks and getups from the peak of the punk era and beyond, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart