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This dark violet shade with it’s dappled surface recalls the hue of wild muscadine grapes which grow profusely over the Southeast in summertime. Subdued vibrancy is a big trend this fall. Deep purples, soft rose golds, and dusty pink-blondes take the rainbow hair trend in a more wearable direction. From a distance this shade would appear black, the violet operating more as a reflection than a primary hue. Get the formulas to create this juicy color and tips on applying them in the style notes. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →


Say “edgy haircut, please” to your stylist and you may leave the salon crying and with only half of your hair left. To some, edgy means safely rebellious; to others, a shaved head and a tattooed face. Knowing just what kind of edgy you really mean and what suits you best can make all the difference to your hair happiness. The details of these pictured styles are great if you want to punch up your look a bit.  Find our suggestions for addingsome spark to your appearance in the notes. –– Kelly Rowe

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Katy Perry’s recent outings feature this beautifully geometric bob, which conjures memories of Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in the epic film from 1963. Her jet-black locks, blunt arcs, and tough micro fringe creates a structured frame that draws attention to Katy’s piercing eyes, shapely cheeks, and radiant smile. The line of the bob sits on the shoulders, helping to elongate the neck and create width underneath the jaw, which enhances the delicate, feminine feeling of this look. Good enough for a Nile Queen, a Hollywood icon, and a pop star steal this style with our tips, found in the notes…

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Our previous post (see below) noted Taylor Swift’s ‘Hair Party’ for cutting long locks into a bob. With less fanfare, Katy Perry also came out in a new chin-length look. After a year of endless celebrity pixie cuts, it seems 2014 is the year bobs break out of their conservative paradigm to become the most fashionable style in town. Though not the first time Katy’s worn short hair, it is the first time she’s paired such a style will a color other than pink or blue; this time she goes classic raven, which suits her eye color and complexion. We love the short bangs; they’re great for exposing her pretty baby blues. The styling tops it off. Retro-glam curls from the age of Ava Gardner feel fresh, flouncy, and fun. Want to create a similar style? Click notes for easy tips and tricks…

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Katy Perry is known for her wild, outlandish hair colors, but she’s toned it down of late, and looked perfectly appropriate wearing this sultry raven hue at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards. The color has shine and dimension, and the cut is great, too. A long, modern bob with soft and gentle layers promotes the illusion of extra thickness and volume while the clean lines and soft shape help to show off the health of her hair. The side-swept bangs showcase simple classic style and it’s a great way to elongate the features of the face, just like it’s done for Katy. For tips on styling a similar look, click style notes.

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