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Long hair has always been the style that says sexy. But new cool new shapes and youthful styles is making short the new sexy.  Short hair elongates the neck and shows off the shoulders, things that are hidden by a long style. Click the notes for more on how to wear the sexiest short shapes in 2015. –– Kelly Rowe

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Getting a haircut that makes you look slimmer doesn’t have to be a challenge. A few cutting and styling tricks can help. Many people have the false assumption that straighter, longer hair is the only way to achieve this slimming effect but that’s not true at all and, worse, it’s this that leaves people holding onto their old cut like a security blanket. Click the notes for more —Kelly Rowe

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The celebrity hair of summer was a blonde bob, and while we love the look the only way to stay modern is to keep updating your style. We are obsessed with this oh-so-perfect hair that Jessica Alba sports. It is the sexy update you need for the cooler months ahead. Click the notes for how to get it. –– Kelly Rowe

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