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Having curly hair is like being in a top secret club: no one understands your hair woes unless they too have curly hair. Yes, our straight-haired friends may try, but they’ll never fully grasp the struggle of waking up with what looks like some type of animal sitting on top of their head. If you do have curly hair you’re either wincing in pain or smiling right now, because you know exactly what we’re talking about. Care to read some more curly hair woes? Click through to styles notes to see ten things only curly hair girls will ever understand. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Smooth hair in the summer can seem impossible. Humidity can instantly ruin all the hard work you put in to make your hair sleek and shiny. The trick to getting and keeping soft hair is the right prep and the right tools. Click the notes for tips on how to have shiny locks all summer. –Kelly Rowe

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ARROJO Studio styling apprentice Rachel, shows you how to get the favorite summer style. Everyone wants enviable beach waves, but having to put in a lot of effort for styling is not what anyone has time for. Rachel gives you easy tips to get enviable hair with minimal products and tools. Click the notes for the video.

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We love to provide hairstyling ideas, especially when they’re by the people, for the people. Submitted by Corrinn Dinan, stylist at ARROJO NYC, this mid-length layer cut on a salon client shows off a beautiful blend of length, texture and movement, which makes it a great option for girls who prefer to keep their locks lengthy, but want something more street tough than classic lady-like looks. Called ‘Shatterbox’ this original ARROJO technique features a structured interior (so a strong shape is maintained) with a deconstructed outer surface (which creates the disheveled lived-in feel). Learn more about this cut, including how to adopt it, in the style notes.

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