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The dry shampoo craze is anything but over. In fact, we’ve upped the ante and added another gem to the mix to ensure healthy hair — dry conditioner. We know that the last moments of summer are filled with constant activity, and with all the outdoor fun, who has time to wash their hair on the reg? With this duo,  Arrojo ReFinish Dry Shampoo ($27) + Arrojo ReFresh Dry Conditioner ($23) you won’t have to! Use individually or together and your locks will be left with the right balance of texture and shine all-in-one.

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Sometimes second day hair is as easy as a few spritzes of dry shampoo and a gentle tousle. Other times you wake up with a weird kink or cowlick and need to rethink the whole style, which is totally fine because these looks actually work better when your hair has a bit of grit. Whether you want to refine your texture or whip up a quick updo we’ve got just the thing. Click the notes for details. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →



Girls with curls know that caring for spirally tendrils isn’t the easiest beauty routine. From frizzy flyaways to ringlets that just go limp there are lots of hair woes that can create bad hair days for those who, like me, are naturally curly. Luckily, over the years I’ve learned some tips and tricks that makes caring for my curls a much easier process. I’ve gathered a few of my favorite hot tips for making styling curls easy. For details, click  notes –– you’ll have the best curls of your life in no time. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →


The ponytail is the best friend of every girl with long hair.  This classic style can be dressed up or down but my favorite are the ones that are perfectly imperfect. Anytime you wear these undone styles you walk the line between intentionally looking like that or just rolled out of bed. Click the notes to recreate this perfectly textured pony.

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finger style

A lot of hairstyling tutorials that I write include you using your hands to finger comb or shake and tousle. Your hands are the best styling tools you own. You can create some amazing texture or easy updos with a blow dryer and your fingers. Click the notes for how to use your hand to their fullest potential. –Kelly Rowe 

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