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Image: Vogue Mexico December ’16 cover courtesy

Inspired by the unforgettably chic heroines of Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic horror movies, like Psycho and The Birds, this retro spread from Vogue Mexico December Issue offers an array of inspiration for anyone looking to achieve classic cinematic beauty for a Holiday party or special occasion. Model Elsa Hosk wears her blonde hair in a range of alluring styles, from classic side parts with tumbling waves through to an inventive use of a head scarf. Paired with beautiful makeup and vintage clothing, the whole ensemble comes together as tightly as a Hitchcock plot. See the complete spread below.  Click for StyleNotes →


She may have become the world’s most adored woman, but Marilyn Monroe was a blue collar factory worker before dying her hair blonde and striking it big in Hollywood. It just goes to show what a great hairdo can do! Nowadays, marketers are trying to grab your attention by recreating her iconic image, with Candice Swanepoel the latest to don her retro curls and red lip for a Max Factor campaign. Rather than collecting their wares, try Marilyn’s timeless style for yourself. Learn how in the notes.

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A bouffant puffs out into a rounded shape. One of the first styles women wore to give that vital illusion of volume and fullness, it is a vintage, retro look made popular again by TV shows like Mad Men, and by a general drift back to the trends of the sixties. Here we see why it’s such a timeless look. Worn with cascading tousle, this buxom bouffant shows off sexuality and femininity by exposing features like shoulders and neck, while elevating the profile of cheekbones and chin. If you have a posh brunch date, or are planning a night on the town, you can impress your friends with this winning style. Fr our tips to making it yours, click style notes.

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