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We use the term stardust to describe a magical, romantic quality. It’s also used to delineate celebrity and charisma. This shade lives up to both meanings. It’s sparkling and light, angelic and glamorous. Best of all, this hue is made with a highlift blonde and a glaze, a much gentler process than typical lightener. Click the style notes for the formulas and tips on application. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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Looking glamorous in the spring requires a completely different approach to looking glamorous in the winter. Since clothes become lighter and more delicate, hair needs to do the same. Shiny, set hair is a no-no for spring and more relaxed, softer styles are in. Click the notes to recreate the pictured spring look. –– Kelly Rowe

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We all have different aspects to our personalities. You may be a mixture of boho and punk, preppy and girly, or athletic and romantic. Whatever your specific combination, the interplay of disparate aspects can make for stunning looks. These styles pair different hues on opposite sides of the head, emphasizing contrast. Wear them parted in the center to play up the placement, or simply sweep hair to one side for a softer, blended look. Learn more about this emerging trend in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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This collection of on-trend braided headbands offer a touch of the disheveled and whimsical for weekend or Holiday ensembles. The style has a fun and youthful vibe for women and girls looking for a different kind of ‘do. Braids are great, they help to keep hair off the face, but forgo the formality of old-fashioned updos. For similar elegance, get tips for creating your own braided headband in the style notes.

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If you fancy adding a bit of medieval romance to your style, today’s your day! The pictured plait is a fearlessly modern, hip and cool interpretation of the crown braid, first worn, according to lore, by the original homewrecker, Guinevere. This look was created by Aziza Rasulova, stylist and braiding expert at ARROJO NYC. As well as the image, she also sent us great tips for making a crown braid, and it’s surprisingly easy to do. Get Aziza’s insights in the style notes.

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