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Photo: US Magazine

Say what you want about Olivia Palermo, but you can never say the girl doesn’t have great hair. As I was looking for some beauty inspiration for an upcoming event, I came across her photo at the Lincoln Center Corporate Fund Gala. Her style was so chic and yet so easy to recreate, even a total hair rookie could do it. It’s perfect for any evening event and utilizes two of my favorite hair things: braids and headbands. So if you want to kick off the new year looking fabulous, click through to the notes to learn how to emulate this style. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →


Rope braids are twisted as they’re plaited, making them more dimensional than other braids, and less prone to flyaways. Adding a few of these braids to a simple bun adds texture and interest. A simple three-strand brand on the opposite side creates subtle asymmetry for a romantic style that appears windblown and loose but has enough support to last through a full day of festivities. Wear it to a wedding, birthday party, or picnic. Get step-by-step instructions in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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This whimsical yet bold floral updo comes from the Alice + Oliva NYFW show. A vanguard spring look that exalts the simple updo, the style is actually a surprisingly easy to do bun-twist-braid combo; it’s really just the ornamental accessory that makes it look extra special and difficult to achieve. In the notes, learn how to create this vanguard look for spring –– and go impress your friends.

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The coolest braid for fall is a tight and sleek, a small three-strand plait worn clean and neat. There are lots of ways you can wear this trend: pull all hair into a single plait, wear one as an accent, or add a few, evenly spaced, along the front hairline. The thin plaits have a clean, rope-like feeling, a little tough while still feeling pretty. Learn to create slender, shiny braids in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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The weekend is a great time to try something different and fun with your hair. There’s more time to play around with it, and, instead of wearing it round the office, you can impress your friends or your date with your fabulous style. One way to spice up a bun or a knot is to incorporate a take on the fishtail braid. The image above shows how it can create visual interest, prettiness and whimsy, all while keeping the hair nicely under control. For an easy step by step for attaining this look, click notes.

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