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The time may soon come when we talk about fashion without gender labels, when trends will no longer be divided between men and women. Color-trend forecaster Pantone has already done away with a gendered system, providing a seasonal palette that works for both sexes. Hair and beauty looks still show a definite divide, but the lines are softening. We’re seeing more women in buzz cuts and more men with dyed strands. For the coming year blonde hues, detailed fringes, and diffused textures are taking mens looks into softer territory. Click the notes to learn more. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →


We love this sexy look from Cara Delevingne; the color and style is perfect for anyone who enjoys feeling like a bombshell. With a center-part and height at the crown, there’s influence from the teased styles of the sixties and seventies, but the rumpled, rolled-out-of-bed finish is all about the shabby chic of the modern girl about town. What really sets the look apart is the color. A dirty, golden sandy blonde, it makes an amazing match to Cara’s creamy complexion, while simultaneously striking a remarkable contrast to her piercing blue eyes. With the advent of dry shampoo, messy long styles like this are easy to create at home; click for tips. . .

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Now that the weather is getting warm, we all want skin with a healthy glow. The right hair color can do just as much for warming your skin as a dusting of bronzer. Whether you prefer red, brown or blonde, we’ve got the perfect hue to add warmth and enhance even the slightest hint of color. Learn about shades that make you look sun-kissed in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Taylor Swift has that ethereal quality of appearing light and airy and delicate, almost too perfect. It is a lot to do with her hair color, which, amazingly, is completely natural. With this hue –– somewhere between golden and sandy blonde –– and style, she looks like a  throwback from the Golden Age of Hollywood. To get a similar tint, talk to your colorist about blondes in the grey-ish-hazel palette. For strong, swashbuckling undulations of curl and movement, roller-set hair.

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