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Thanks to a certain coffee retailer, pumpkin spice has attained almost mythical status as a drink, as a scent, as a color, even as an abstract ideal of the fall season.  If you are not pumpkin’d out yet, you can put the trend on top of you head!  Pumpkin spice hair colors feature warm butternut tones with hints of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Just like the blend of Thanksgiving seasonings, this color is a perfect balance, bright but natural, neither strawberry nor auburn. Neutral makeup looks beautiful with this sultry shade, especially if you have a contrasting eye color. Click through the style notes for tips on achieving luscious pumpkin.  Click for StyleNotes →


Pastels are a great choice for people who want non-committal hair color because these shades are as non-committal as it gets. These tones are so light in pigment that they tend to fade quickly, so it’s a great choice for spring; by summer, a spring pastel will fade to a more natural shade that you can glaze with gold, which is perfect for tanned skin. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe 

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