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The dry shampoo craze is anything but over. In fact, we’ve upped the ante and added another gem to the mix to ensure healthy hair — dry conditioner. We know that the last moments of summer are filled with constant activity, and with all the outdoor fun, who has time to wash their hair on the reg? With this duo,  Arrojo ReFinish Dry Shampoo ($27) + Arrojo ReFresh Dry Conditioner ($23) you won’t have to! Use individually or together and your locks will be left with the right balance of texture and shine all-in-one.

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Everyone says spring is the season of renewal but, beyond the natural world, I really think it’s actually autumn. There’s plenty of change in the air and it’s a great time to learn a new beauty skill. You know I’ve never met a braid I didn’t like, but I’ve especially always loved the fishtail braid. It looks intricate and intimidating but its’ actually an easy plait to master. All you need is second day hair, your hands, a little bit of product, and a hair tie. Get braiding ladies, I’m predicting this will be the it accessory to match your fall fashions. Click through to the notes to get started. –– Michelle Rotbart 

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Lived-in texture, waves, and bends continue to trend and I couldn’t be happier. Partly because it means smooth, over primped blowouts are out and wash-and-go, air-dried texture is in. And while this style is perfect for easy Sundays, sometimes even we lazy gals want a look that is just a tad more polished. Enter the new look of modern waves, they involve a little heat styling, but mostly just your fingers and some great product. They’re perfect for an evening out and you can even wear them the next few days! Click through to the notes, to learn how to get started. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →