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Cold and wind, rain and sleet and snow all contribute towards making this the most difficult season to care for tresses. The biggest problem was, is, and ever shall be frizz. The combination of blustering winds, dank days, and snowballs can leave hair incredibly dry and lacking moisture, so as soon as you try to style strands, they simply tuft together in a puffy frizz ball. How matronly! But it doesn’t have to be that way. The right regimen makes styling easier. For tips for your best ever season of winter hair care, click style notes.

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Everyone wants shiny hair. Shiny hair reflects good health and youthfulness but also, it looks really, really good. Summer is notorious for making it difficult to keep strands shining. There are many factors leading to hair losing its shimmering qualities, like sun damage, dried or fried tresses, and fading color, to name a few. Click the notes for tips on how to keep your mirror like quality. –– Kelly Rowe

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Products can be confusing, but they are also the foundation and structure of any great hair design. Curly haired girls would never be able to keep their strands frizz free after a blowout without products. So why are so many people afraid of using product? Many people are misinformed on what products actually do, and do not know the correct way to be using them. Click the notes for all the details –Kelly Rowe 

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Haircare is evolving. As evidenced at recent product launches, many hair care companies are applying skin science from roots to ends. Taking inspiration from skincare routines, brands are infusing products with anti-aging ingredients and moisture-binding properties. Better applicators are being used so consumers can control application more effectively; and skincare’s vocabulary is now being applied to the hair care category. When picking products, the trick is to know what ingredients to look for. For an at a glance glossary, click style notes.