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Photo: Irina Vitjaz AW ’17 NYFW Presentation Model. Photo by Steve Nay

We adore this look created by the ARROJO NYC editorial team for the Irina Vitjaz presentation at New York Fashion Week AW ’17. A vintage glamor wave, with one side tucked behind the ear and the other side tumbling forwards, over the neck and shoulders, a soft asymmetrical effect is created, one which encourages the eyes of an admirer to drift all across the face frame, taking in the model’s high jawline, sultry eyes, and perfect pout. Best of all, with the right tools and techniques you can recreate this look at home in 15-20 minutes. Learn how below.  Click for StyleNotes →



Photo: Getty

Great waves and beachy tendrils are my most wanted summer style, even if I’m no where near the surf. And for those of you who didn’t know, beach waves and short hair are not mutually exclusive. Whether your hair ends just at your collarbone or hangs by your ears, all you need to achieve #beachvibes is a great styler that encourages waves and texture and a whole lot of inspiration. To get you started I pulled together a collection of my favorite gals rocking collarbone-grazing waves in the notes. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →


The bob is back in fashion so keeping your chin-length look unique comes down to the styling. Arizona Muse makes a beeline for the vanguard of chic with this loose and textured, tousled, windswept, bed-head bob. Swooshing in all directions, we love the effortless appeal of this perfectly imperfect look. Best of all, being one of those fashionably undone styles, it’s easy to recreate at your vanity table. For our tips, click notes.

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After a recent hiatus from public life to give birth, Giselle is back, and her hair is better than ever! The honeyed golden blonde is the perfect fit for her exotic complexion, while the side-parted, asymmetrical wave cascade creates space for sexy feminine features –– like neck, shoulders, cheekbones and chin –– to be artfully exposed. On the opposite side, the romantic, tumbling tousle is playfully tossed over the shoulder. With long hair and a bit of time at the vanity mirror, it’s easy to steal this supermodel look. For tips and tricks, click style notes.  Click for StyleNotes →