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When we talk about fashion icons we often mention those with a classical style, but edgy girls need inspiration too. Edie Campbell is young, but she’s already made an impact and her hair has been a huge part of her success. Her first major transformation from a flaxen one-length cut with bangs to an ebony shag debuted on the cover of Vogue. She wears styles that other girls fear – bowls, mullets – and she makes them look sexy and glamorous. Her most recent style is a jet bob-length crop with some very unusual details. Click the notes to learn more and see her latest look. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

shoulder length shag

Grown-out, eye-grazing bangs are one of this season’s biggest trends, but what do you pair them with? This question can be especially challenging if you’re wearing a bob or lob—which is highly probable considering their current popularity. This shape is your solution. It has enough layers to transform your blunt cut into something fresh while making your bangs feel like part of a complete look instead of a tacked-on accessory. Learn more in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Every city has its own aesthetic. New York can never seem to fully shake the eighties. Paris is tied indefinitely to the chicness of a scarf. London is the home of both preppy and punk. Combining the two influences, this short shape feels both buttoned-up and roughed-up. Frayed edges counter classic lines in this outgrown shape that pairs equally well with leather and polos. If you’re looking for a new cut, a bit of British influence may be just the thing. Click the style notes to learn more. –– Laura Martin

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Attending the premiere of Camp X-Ray at The Crosby Hotel, New York, Kristen Stewart gave us the perfect chance to take a close up look at her new ‘do. In short, the style is a winner. A cropped, choppy and shaggy shape with textured layers all through the top, sides, front and back the strong side part gives an asymmetrical feel and, with the parting sweeping across the face, it’s a great style for drawing attention to eyes. Hollywood’s paragon of virtue also nailed the color. A rich brown base in mocha tones is ramped up a notch with subtle hues of red peaking through, which is both on trend and seasonally appropriate. Learn about styling similar shapes in the notes.

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Carey’s style is already a youthfully, choppy pixie shape with separation and pieciness creating a shaggy, wind-blown edge. Meanwhile, the golden blonde fits her complexion perfectly, adding prettiness and femininity. And the micro, beatnik-inspired braid puts the special interest into the look –– it is used to give a wayward, rebellious edge to a beauteous young maiden.