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This hair color is the stuff of romances and legends, a black so dark and luxurious it shines blue in sunlight. This isn’t navy, it’s black with a blue reflection, a color both subtle and striking. Black hair may seem an odd choice for summer, but it’s stunning with bright makeup and perfectly compliments sun kissed skin. Click the notes for the professional formulation. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →



These days we seem to like our beauty rites and rituals as specialized as possible. Perhaps it’s because beauty editors and brand marketers have, in the search for our undivided attention, created subcategories for every kind of hair type. While there are times when this is helpful, like when you want to tailor a hair cut or cleansing or styling product to your particular needs, the focus on personalized regimens can make us forget that, for great hair every day, there’s certain things pretty much all of us should do the same. Learn 6 big tips in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →

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A lot of what we read has us shampooing according to our lifestyle, the color in our hair, or our styling habits, but have we ever thought about how we need to think about where we live as a factor? Depending on where you live can be one of the biggest factors on how often you should be shampooing. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

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I wash my hair a lot. I am in the gym often which equals swear, and sweat can’t necessarily be refreshed with a dry shampoo. I find myself flying through bottle of shampoo and conditioner which gets extremely pricey. The average bottle of shampoo/conditioner is somewhere between eight and twelve ounces which for me equates to about two and half weeks worth of product if I don’t over use it. I am so tired of re-buying product that I have decided to try something new. Click the notes for more.

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It all started with a book called Curly Girl which told women with textured hair that shampooing daily was drying out their strands. From there it evolved to no-poo, co-washing, and trending looks for second and third-day hair. We heard about the evils of surfactants and the wonders of dry shampoo. But after lots of trial and error some of us have gone back to daily washing. Why? I’ll tell you all about it in the notes. –Laura Martin 

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