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shiny hair

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Save the yogurt for your parfait and the honey for your tea, because there are plenty of ways to get shiny hair that don’t involved raiding your kitchen, rubbing your head with mayonnaise, or completely changing your nutritional plan. From conditioners to oils to sprays there are plenty of great products formulated to give your hair instantaneous shine and shimmer, and with the glitz of New Year’s Eve fast approaching, you’re going to want one of these ASAP. Click through to the notes to learn what you need. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

dry hair
“Why is my hair so dry?” It’s a question I obsess over come fall. It’s an annoying state that makes having a great hair day seem impossible. But since looking at my strands and sulking over bad hair days doesn’t do anything but make me feel worse, I decided to investigate and take a look at some of the culprits causing dryness in the first place. Click through to style notes for my findings, some may even surprise you. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Are you welcoming fall with open arms? Pumpkin spice everything, football, and of course cool less humid temperatures. You may be having the best hair days of the year with this weather, but it’s also a good time to start a hair care routine that will keep your locks strong and shiny through the dryer months. Click the notes for more. –Kelly Rowe

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Shiny hair is not only gorgeous, it’s a sign of impeccable hair health. Natural shine comes from the reflection of light off the hair strand when the cuticle is tightly closed and lies flat. Most people, however, lose that through lots of heat styling and coloring. So how can you get great reflective shine at home? With a perfect product combo and a few styling tips. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

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