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As ready as I am for sweater weather, I know that all too soon I’ll be missing the bright and sunny days of summer and the low-key, playful fashion that accompanies them. Before it’s over, I plan to eat as many tomatoes as I can, to go through one last rotation of my favorite summer dresses, and to wear all my favorite summer hair trends. Click the notes to see my end of summer beauty bucket list. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

Bella Hadid shows off a new hairstyle and a oversized Moschino shirt inspired by a Marlboro cigarette pack when arriving to Kate Upton's birthday party in New York


Long bangs have long been considered cool and sexy, but shorter bangs are more controversial. Bangs that hit above the brow open up the face, creating a more youthful appearance, which can be flatter but also sometimes reads as less sophisticated. However, I think short fringe is underrated; bad bangs are usually the result of poor execution. As Bella proves, short bangs can be just as appealing as long ones, they just have a different set of rules. Click the style notes to learn more about getting above the brows that are just as cute as Hadid’s. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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Baby bangs are back for 2016, with enough variation to suit everyone’s style. Blunt, choppy, and soft wispy versions were all seen on the Spring/Summer 2016 runways with lengths ranging from less than an inch above the brow to just below the hairline. Short bangs open up and lengthen the face and make eyes look larger and wider. What’s not to love? Click the notes to learn more about this season’s trending fringes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

short bangs

Everyone is wearing long bangs, the piecey, choppy grown out kind. They are super cool and they look great on some people. But, like any beauty trend, they don’t work for everyone. If you’ve embraced the long bang you may find yourself fighting forehead grease, feeling unpolished, or constantly trying to get those wispy strands out of your face. You may think the solution is to grow out your new fringe. But I’ve got a better idea. Go shorter. Yes, really. Click the style notes for a few good reasons. –– Laura Martin

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Since the Victoria Beckham-inspired keratin-straight hairstyle craze of the ‘90s, textured tresses have been ambling into fashion, culminating in recent trends for beachy waves, tousle and movement. But what’s the next wave of curl? To keep us on the vanguard for 2015, we asked Aziza Rasulova, stylist, braiding expert, and texture specialist at the ARROJO salon in SoHo, NYC, to share her thoughts on texture trends for the coming seasons. The pictured mood board of inspiration comes from Aziza, and you can read her thoughts below.

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