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The archetypal modern bob softens the lines of its geometric predecessor

The bob is perhaps the most iconic hair cut. While the sternly geometric one-length version holds sway for Anna Wintour, most girls-about-town prefer something a little more laid back. Pairing the classic silhouette of a bob with texture, taper and even a cool matte finish is best way to keep the style looking youthful and fresh. Give your bob more oomph with tips in the style notes.

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When people are growing their hair out from a pixie cut they usually hate the first few months while they wait for the length of the sides and top to catch up with the back, but this is also the time when they’ll get the most complements. As the front grows, if you continue to cut the back length (which will otherwise turn into a mullet) the result is a crisp bob-like line in the nape with piecey sides, a long bang, and lots of texture. Its fun, feminine, and carefree. But you don’t have to go pixie-short first to achieve this look, learn more in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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For warm weather, bobs and lobs are breezy and cool, but when the weather gets hot the only acceptable style is one that keeps hair completely away from your sweaty face and neck. For haircuts barely long enough to reach into a ponytail, this can be a challenge. After scouring the internet, I’ve curated the best solutions. You can have your bob and wear an updo too. –– Laura Martin

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The recent New York Times article about “mom hair” received outraged responses from Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, New York Magazine, and dozens of blogs. The view it presents is pretty narrow-minded about short hair, but it got me thinking about “mom hair” and how that term might be changing now that bobs and lobs are cool again. “Mom hair” as defined by the NYT is a “longer-in-back, slightly-shorter-in-front bob” without acknowledging that half of Hollywood is currently wearing that exact style. In fact, bob-length cuts with face framing layers are so trendy that I can’t help but wonder if it will soon by the moms with long shapeless strands who will be accused of “mom hair.” Click the notes to see examples of what the Times considers “mom hair” and let us know what you think of this look! –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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Photo: Instagram user taylor_hill

Victoria’s Secret models are know for their long locks and luxe waves, but recently their stars are experimenting with new shorter cuts. The “angel look” may soon mean something different than bouncy blowouts. Back in 2012, Karlie Kloss chopped her hair into a wavy bob that looked fierce on the runway. Now Taylor Hill has cut her strands into a choppy cut gives her gorgeous features a bit of edge. We can’t wait to see it on the runway. Learn how to steal her sexy new cut for your own hair in the notes. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →