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If the beauty looks from the Fall 2016 collections taught me anything, it’s that the prim coifs are back in style. This can be difficult for many of us to handle, since most of us are used to rocking either messy waves or throwing up our messy waves into a messy bun as we rush from barre class to the bar. The answer to this hair dilemma? The U-shaped hair pin.  It’s a ’90s era hair accessory that cool girls like Kate Moss used to wear to achieve their signature look. It’s an effortless accessory that is sleek and classic. And don’t let it overwhelm you, to wear just push the pin upwards and then twist it around, grounding it down in to your hair. To start wearing this ‘90s throwback, click through to stylenotes to see of the best updated looks.  –– Michelle Rotbart

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When contemplating the perfect hairstyle to complement your new cocktail dress, a ponytail may not be the first thing that comes to mind. You probably associate the pony with lazy Saturdays or your gym routine. But don’t underestimate this apparently simple style. With a minor adjustment or two your casual tail can transform into a glamorous party ‘do. Click the notes to find out how. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

fendi coverThe Fashion Kaiser has done it again. Karl Lagerfeld showed his first ever haute couture collection for Fendi and it wasn’t just the extravagance of the chinchilla, sable, and mink hair that had me enamored. The hair on the actual catwalkers caused a beauty stir. Locks were styled with a deep side-part and pinned back to frame the face with a wavy. The length was then secured with a low pony in the back, giving the illusion of shorter locks. In a runway-world of rumpled and meh hair, it’s exciting to see a return to such elegance. You may recall Marc Jacobs went for a similar proper lady look for the fall collections. My trend alert sense are certainly buzzing. Click through to style notes to see my favorite looks. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Short layers and choppy bangs transform chin-length looks from demure to daring. Disconnected lengths—short on top and longer underneath—have a bold, punk-influenced feel. The top layers removes bulk from the sides and can be worn sleek, tousled, or even spiked into a mohawk. The shape opens up the face, accentuating the eyes and cheekbones for a flattering, edgy variation on the bob. Learn what to ask for and how to rock it in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Michelle+Williams+Short+Hairstyles+Side+Parted+cxP-NpSSZmElNot seen so much lately, when we think of the best short hair styles from the last few years, it’s hard to ignore the demure elegance of Michelle Williams. Her artful, elegant razor-crop is great option for those that like to keep it short. The lack of length exposes and accentuates features, while the head-hugging curvature and softly separated texture gives the style a sexy, womanly quality. It feels vintage and modern at the same time. Learn more about this look in the notes.

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