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We think of the eighties and we tend to think frizz, blue eye shadow, scrunchies. But not all eighties fashion was over-the-top. There was a sort of innocent decadence that is often forgotten. Think about Princess Diana, Brooke Shields, Michelle Pfeiffer. These lades had soft hair, peachy makeup and big pearls; they looked youthful, innocent and sexy. The look shown here recalls the softer side of the eighties, bringing back a feminine glamour that’s been away for far too long. Learn to create it in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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Since you wear it every day, it’s easy to forget that your hair is part of every ensemble. Picking the right hairstyle can tie an outfit together; picking the wrong one can ruin it. It’s all about proportion and balance. Sleek, tailored clothing pairs well with volume; complex ‘dos go well with simple clothing styles. Click the notes for easy to follow guidelines and examples. –– Laura Martin

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Happy spring! It is finally warming up outside and winter is fading from our memories. Having the right products and tools in your bathroom can make sure you have perfect strands in your change from winter to spring. Click the notes to know which ones you need now. –– Kelly Rowe

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Summer can be harsh on your hair; the constant sun, salt water, chlorine are all factors that can lead to damage. Believe it or not, it’s nothing compared to winter. The low humidity conditions makes the hair fragile and prone to breakage. So, when you heat style in winter, you are virtually guaranteeing damage. Learning how to make hair look better when air-drying will help you break away from constant heat styling, and it will also prepare you for frizz free summer tresses. Click the notes for more. —Kelly Rowe

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While many of us, myself included, dream of having soft and silky locks, the majority of us weren’t blessed with them. I often see celebrities who seem to be sporting the perfect hair and just can’t help but desire the same lustrous look. So how can it be that so many of us are so devoted to our hair yet are still dealing with dry tresses? Sometimes it’s actually what you’re doing to your hair that could actually be making it worse. So to combat dry tresses, I’ve rounded up five things you should know about your dry hair so you can good-bye to it forever. Click through to style notes to get the details. –– Michelle Rotbart

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