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Would you like to get more compliments on your hair? Would you like to look younger, healthier, and more put together? A shiny head of hair is a great way to enhance your beauty, and a simple way to add sparkle and polish to your look. But the best shine isn’t just a quick mist of product at the end of your styling routine; it’s a complete approach that begins while you’re still in the shower. Click the notes for step-by-step instructions. ––  Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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Save the yogurt for your parfait and the honey for your tea, because there are plenty of ways to get shiny hair that don’t involved raiding your kitchen, rubbing your head with mayonnaise, or completely changing your nutritional plan. From conditioners to oils to sprays there are plenty of great products formulated to give your hair instantaneous shine and shimmer, and with the glitz of New Year’s Eve fast approaching, you’re going to want one of these ASAP. Click through to the notes to learn what you need. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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Hair combs are elegant and have a lovely vintage feeling, and now they’re more useful than ever thanks to extended length. These are great for clipping back the side of a bob, adding some sparkle to a French twist, or anchoring a victory roll. Lauren Conrad loves them too; you can check out her ideas here or click the style notes for recommended uses and tips on where to find this fantastic adornment. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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With all the recent attention glitter roots have gotten it seems that sparkling hair is destined to be a trend this holiday season. A dash of metal or glitter can take your holiday style to the next level…or it can destroy it. Click the notes for tips on pulling off this dazzling look. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


This image comes from the Cosmic-POP collection, a vanguard editorial created by the ARROJO Artistic Team led by Lina Arrojo for Expo, a recent hair show in NYC. It’s one of the best styles we’ve seen all year. The blonde to violet color highlights the ongoing trend for pastels, seems icily seasonal, and perfectly complements the whimsical lightweight bob with wispy bangs. Learn more about it in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →