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In the two short months since the immaculate conception of Style Noted, the exposition on Emma Stone’s sultry Ginger & Cream style is in our top ten most viewed posts. It’s easy to see why. There’s something about that ginger-red hair color with her pale skin and blue-green eyes that creates wow factor contrast. But what about Emma’s new blonde do? A soft, honeycombed tone, it’s less daring, less bold. It is, however, incredibly beautifying. Notice how she has changed the shade of her eyebrow to match the new hue –– this is something all hair colorers should regard, and do.

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Aside from her days as Spiderman muse, Mary-Jane, Kirsten Dunst’s beautiful shade of blonde is her trademark look. With so many variations of blonde –– and so many different ways to achieve a lighter palette –– flaxen is one shade that must be tailored to the individual. As there are so many factors involved –– hair color history, commitment to after-care, complexion –– in creating the perfect blonde, it is always better to see a professional than try to get an an expensive looking shade of blonde from box color. Check out the style notes for more tips on making this dip dye work for you. 

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As the go-to haircut for many models and celebrities, the long layer has well deserved popularity. Overall length with shorter pieces framing the face gives softness and movement to long hair without thinning ends. Minimal layering makes updos a snap and leaves soft tendrils around the face when hair is pulled back. Emma Stone looks stunning in the popular shape and takes advantage of its versatility, wearing a multitude of up and down styles. The looks shown here can be achieved in a few minutes without washing the hair, which is important since over-shampooing removes the hair’s natural oil, leaving ends dry and fragile. Restyling instead will help you feel fresh without stressing your cuticles. Read on to learn the tricks. –– Laura Martin

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Layered off-the-shoulder hair cuts, like Emma Stone’s, are some of the most popular styles, offering femininity and elegance within a beautifying shape. Occasionally, though, wearing hair long and flowing is a bit of a bore, so it’s important to have a variety of up-styles in your arsenal. Emma’s coiffed pompadour effect is a great example of melding current trends with an artful updo. Back in fashion, the pompadour turns back off the forehead in an poised roll, adding extra height, which elongates her cheekbones for a streamlined and striking, off-the-face look. The back can be gathered and styled in a few ways; a French twist or rolled up bun both work well. For our tips on making a style similar to Emma’s, click style notes.

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