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It’s getting to be that time of the year— the time where you are itching to change up your look. The weather is changing, your memorial day vacation is right around the corner & you want a fresh & exciting new cut to perk up your morning routine. If you haven’t already noticed, the hair trends are getting shorter and shorter. Last year was dominated by the ever-trendy Lob and now we are seeing a spike in pixies, shags, and straight up buzz cuts.

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Whether you prefer blended or blunt, a long one or a short one, there’s a bang that’s perfect for you this season. There’s a shape here for you whether your cut is long and loose or cropped and crisp. Adding a bang is a great way to personalize your shape. Try a coy peekaboo fringe, a bohemian blended version, a daring blunt edge, or a pretty rounded shape. Get the lowdown on each style after the jump. –– Laura Martin

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Deep side parts take on a new aesthetic when the hair is swept up and back, adding disheveled asymmetry and grungy glamour. Extreme partings are often paired with retro waves and sleek roots for understated elegance with an old Hollywood vibe. Adding height, rough texture, and a matte surface gives the look an alternative feeling that is both alluring and tough. Pair this style with strong brows and matte lips to enhance it’s grungy vibe. Click the style notes for step-by-step instructions.–– Laura Martin

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spikey hair
Hair accessories are great to have as part of your wardrobe. They get the random strands of hair off your face or pull your locks off your neck when it’s too hot. And while I love them for their utilitarian purposes, sometimes their too sweet designs leave you feeling like a little girl instead of a chic girl about town. Luckily, hair accessories got a touch of toughness this season. Biker-inspired designs include studs and spikes that kill the sweetness, giving you the spirit of rebellion. To adopt the look into your style routine, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart


With New York Fashion Week combining with awards season and movie premieres, inspirational celebrity styles are coming thick and fast. The antithesis of last year’s top-knot trend, this spring we’re expecting to see lots of lovely low buns. Happily, Rachel Weisz, walking the red carpet at the premiere of Oz: The Great and Powerful, put her shiny raven locks into this spellbindingly beautiful mini chignon. In 2013, whenever you want a polished, off-the-face look, consider sleek and side-parted, elegant low-buns your go-to, attention-grabbing style. Creating it is easy. For tips, click style notes.  Click for StyleNotes →