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Are you inspired by the “mermaid hair” trend? This look normally involved shades of blue, purple, and green intertwined in color melts throughout your hair to give an ethereal mermaid of the sea feeling. The truth is that this isn’t practical for most people’s everyday life. Not many people are in job that would be okay with their employees walking around with this fantasy-inspired hair. So how can you adopt the look so it works for the more average life? Click the notes. –– Kelly Rowe

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What do Fashion Month and Coachella have in common? Braids, of course. Besides fashion month, I’d say the year’s most interesting street style looks come from festival season. Chances are you’ll be frolicking and dancing up a storm, which can lead to some seriously crazy hair. So to get your festival style going I’ve picked some of the best braids from the Spring ’15 runway to get you some pretty and even practical inspiration. Styles range from intricate and twisted to loose and casual, click through to style notes to take your pick. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Have you ever had a purse or jacket lined with a beautiful silk fabric, probably in a color or pattern too bold to wear on the outside? It’s like a delightful secret, carrying around that bit of hidden beauty. This color placement is just like that, bright tones tucked away on the underside of a classic shape. It’s a great way to give your bob a little extra something. Click the style notes to learn how. –Laura Martin 

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rose colored hair

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Rose-colored hair is appearing in unexpected places this season. We saw it first at Gucci’s fall ’15 ready-to-wear collection and then at the Louis Vuitton show; now it is popping up all over street style blogs. Though I’ve seen many celebrities and models making big color changes (blonde to black and back, anyone?), pink strands have been the most refreshing transition––model Fernanda Hin Lin Ly has made it her signature color. Are you ready for some cotton-candy hair? Click through to style notes to see some of my favorite looks from the spring season of rosy-pink. –– Michelle Rotbart

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