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Classic highlights are back in fashion, but the ones we’re seeing now are soft and blended, nothing like the chunky, stripes popular in the nineties. Highlights can work with any base shade, but the application and color selection differ for blondes and brunettes. For lighter base shades, contrasting tones and a halo application produce a natural result. For brunettes, staying in the same tonal family and using thin ribbons creates the prettiest effect. Learn more about getting the perfect highlights for your hue in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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This spring, the beret is making a comeback. It’s not hard to see why—francophile style is all the rage—but it is a little hard to see how. Berets have become such a stereotypical indicator of French-ness that we now associate them with Pepe Le Pew. Berets are also associated with beatniks, jazz musicians, and Che Guevara. Thats a lot of connections and they can make this particular topper feel a little costume-y. How do you make this historic accessory feel contemporary? Click the notes to find out. ––  Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →


Image: Steven Klein for W Magazine

Captured by high fashion photographer Steven Klein for W’s March cover story, Selena Gomez, wittingly or not, provides a perfect update to the beachy wave look. Rather than the big tumbling ‘C’ shaped swirls that ushered in this trend a few years ago, here we see a wet and wild, snaking wave.  With the subtle headband adding height to the crown, there’s a rakish 70s vibe going on. If you love looking a bit of a louche, steal this style in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →