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Contemporary bobs tend to come in two shapes, square—the same length all the way around—and A-line—Shorter in the back and slightly longer toward the face. But in the 1920s, when bobs first became the rage, most of them features a pointed or rounded nape,  with a triangular stacked section ate the back, tapered to follow the curvature of the head. At the time this shape was called a shingle cut, in contemporary terms it’s a graduated bob, a beautiful and technically challenging shape that’s overdue for a comeback. Learn why you should give this vintage shape a try in the notes. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

just below the shoulder

Long hair is about to make a comeback, but that doesn’t mean you have to start shopping for extensions. The hottest looks for the coming season won’t be waist-length tresses. What’s trending next are clean, one-length lines just long enough to qualify as long hair. Little to no layering, length that falls between clavicle and axilla, these cuts are the perfect transition out of that bob you’re getting bored with. Best of all the moderate length means that if you start growing now you can be wearing this look by Christmas. Learn more about growing into this shape in the style notes. –Laura Martin 

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There are few cuts as classic or iconic as the bob. From Louise Brooks’ original helmet bob in the Jazz Age to Jackie Kennedy’s lady bob to Victoria Beckham, Katie Homes and Karlie Kloss we’ve seen it worn in a variety of ways, from stacked to layered, textured to smooth. But we’ve still got a soft spot for the classic, one-length bob. Timeless, feminine and unfussy this cut never goes out of style. It works for many face shapes and requires minimal upkeep. Learn more about this beautiful hair shape in the notes.

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These bobs give a classic cut a playful twist by combining the sleek shape with a bright pop of color. A great mix of flapper and pop art, this look combines prohibition glamour with futuristic kitsch. Both flirty and chic, the bold color and clean shape have an artistic, fashion forward vibe. To give the look prohibition era appeal try a chin length version with soft waves; for a mod adaptation add some straight-across bangs. The vibrant shade of your choosing can be had for a day with temporary methods like hair chalking or locked in with permanent color. Find out more about creating the look in the style notes. — Laura Martin

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