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We often hear about Parisian chic or London polish, but do you ever wonder how much styles really change from one place to another? Which trends are strictly regional and which ones circumnavigate the globe? Curious about how universal the current haircut trends are, I did a little research. Click the notes to see what I learned. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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Most hair products are named for what they do—volume foam, curl control, hydro mist—which should make picking the right ones easy. But sometimes the best product for a particular task is the one that’s named for the opposite texture. From my favorite collection of ARROJO Products, for example, curl control’s moisture and hold are a dream for straightening; volume foam has great grip for smoothing. Confused? Learn to see past the labels, and get your best styling results ever, in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

Some girls have it all. With her Trop Rouge blog, Christina Caradona is the acme of the New York fashion blogging scene. She’s incredibly beautiful. She has an innate sense of trends and beauty and style. She’s got the most gorgeous, naturally textured tresses. And she knows when to mix it up with a hot straight look. (Oh, and she spends half her time sunning in the South of France!) The blown out version, cut by Zeph O’ Hora for ARROJO NYC, is designed to support textured tresses. Concave layering creates space and support for curls, while making it easier to blowdry hair straight. The long fringe adds versatility; it can be center-parted when worn curly, or swooshed to the side when worn straight. We love the personality of Christina’s textured locks, and she should keep them like that more often than not, but for a dynamic change, we adore this softly tousled straight style –– it’s so street tough! 

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