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Mindful, no doubt, that other big hitting celebs would soon be posting pictures of their new fall ‘do on Instagram, middling actress Ashley Tisdale got in early, posting this image of her new strawberry blonde hair color a few weeks ago. Though it’s quite lovely, we’ve waited till now because it seems more fitting for fall, with the lustrous tone reminiscent of the hazy sunsets of late September. Want some ideas for a a similar hue? Click the notes.

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Lately the softer side of red has trended toward rosy hues: strawberry blonde, apricot, and rose gold. This is the warmer, earthier side of titian, a spicy copper gold redolent of cumin and turmeric. Try it on it’s own as shown in the two pictures on the right, or use it to add sunny hand painted highlights as pictured on the left. Click the style notes for the professional formula and tips on application. –Laura Martin 

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Bronde and red are both forecast to be big trend for the coming year, so why not combine them? This sunny hue is a blend of caramel and copper that hits both trends simultaneously. It’s subtle enough to work even on people who can’t usually wear red, and works on both warm and cool skin tones. Click the style notes for the formula and tips on application. –– Laura Martin

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