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It’s time to pack up your ombre and head home. Over the last few years, women and girls have not only adopted the multi-toned color trend, they’ve gone for ever brighter and bolder combinations in an effort to be fairest ombre of them all. All that’s irrelevant now because The Hair Color Expert recently posted this picture of herself wearing an unbeatable color melt that takes in tones from dark purple to lavender to turquoise. Aside from the remarkable application, we love how these tones bring warmth to the skin, making it dewy and vibrant. Including the color formula, there’s an explanation of how this was done, and some before and after pictures, in the notes.

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What a pretty golden hue! Sent to us by Martin Rodriguez, stylist at Ooh la la salon & spa in Orange County, we love how the blonde transitions from a little bit dirty at the roots to a sunlit golden tone on the ends. The styling is great too. With all that length, the center-part creates a slinky seventies vibe while the ’S’ shaped swirls are perfectly placed to draw attention to the model’s lovely lips and evocative eyes. If you fancy a similar ‘do, Martin’s color formula can be found in the notes.

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Cut by Corrinn Dinan, colored by Blaine Lewis, two talented stylists from ARROJO NYC this is a perfect on trend and easy to wear long hairstyle for girls about town. The long, side-parted layers give the hair lots of room to swing and move and create playful bouncy shapes and textures, while the dimensional chocolate and caramel highlights creates soft and shimmering effects with lots of brightness around the face frame. Learn more about this sultry style in the notes.

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As well as showing off and commenting on a world of great hair, at Style Noted Towers we also encourage hairdressers to send us images of their work, so that we may share them with our audience, and learn from the perspective of professional stylists. In this spirit, we are delighted to post this image, sent to us by Martin Rodriguez. Not only did Martin create this vivid pinky hue, he did it using a Colour Wand –– a tool specifically designed to make hand-painted hair color effects easier to achieve –– that he invented himself. Read about his process for creating this beautiful hue in the notes. Click for StyleNotes →

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Sent to us by Tim Bricker, owner of and master stylist at B&B Hair Color Studio, Princeton, New Jersey, this fun and intimate collage shows off three modern looks, one for the boys, two for the girls. We love the autumnal tone of the vintage yet contemporary bob; the insouciant dishevelment of the mid-length razor shag; and how the classic lines of a scissor over comb men’s cut is augmented with a cool, disconnected top. See some more images from this spread and get Tim’s own insights to creating these looks in the style notes.

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