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With her distinctive features, bleached-blonde hair, and punk-rock attitude Debbie Harry will always be a darling of fashion and style. The latest star to take on her iconic 80s image is modern beauty, Scarlett Johansson. Pictured for the cover story of W, the voluptuous leading lady hardly has the same body shape, and her plain-vanilla virtues are no match for Debbie’s badass ways, but even so, she looks great. Her hairstyle is particularly reminiscent of the pioneering songstress; learn how to create your own retro-inspired 80s ‘do in the notes.

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Whether you prefer big blowouts, air-dried waves, or smooth styles, hair that’s easy to work with is essential. The best cuts look great curled or straight, fresh from the shower or slept on overnight. To get a cut that looks great under any conditions you’ll need a shape that has structure without heaviness. Learn more about achieving flawless versatility in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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