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Last night, the pretty and the privileged got together to award themselves Golden Statuettes at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The best part of this glorified advertisement is of course the red carpet, where our leading ladies sway and sashay in the most gilded of gowns, and the hair and makeup sets the tone for the palettes of the spring season. Marking the spot for the monochrome beauty trend, Emma Roberts’ sleek strawberry blonde hair and matte red lips were elegant and chic. Featuring a a side-parted sweep with ribbons of soft curls, the strawberry tones are a great fit for Emma’s complexion, while with the hair tucked back on one side and falling forwards on the other, the admirer’s eyes are encouraged to take in the whole face-frame. Learn how you can get this cut, color and style in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →


Known for her soft, sexy, always perfectly placed waves Veronica Lake’s glamorous hairstyle has been copied on every red carpet since she first stole Hollywood’s heart with her signature look. Even the biggest stars of Tinsel Town have struggled to match her enviable old world beauty and mystique. But Jessica Alba gives it a good run. What she lacks in seductive gaze, she makes up for in beautiful tumbling ‘S’ shaped swirls, an eye-catching asymmetrical face-frame, and cheery sensibility. Surprisingly, this kind of style is easy to replicate at home. Click notes to get your glam on…

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Natalie Portman has always had more of a traveled and continental je ne sais quoi than the average Tinsel Town gal. She’s the perfect muse for this luxurious and elegant hairstyle. A look in which the hair is tucked into a vertical roll down the back of the head, the French Twist is often saved for weddings or special occasions, yet it has such Parisian chic it should be worn more often. Try it for brunch with the girls and be the envy of the table.

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