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Soft colors and short swingy shapes combine to form a soft spring trend: baby bobs. The look starts with a customized bang—which can be short or long—that blends down seamlessly into ear-grazing length at the sides and tapers in at the neck. The outline is barely longer than a pixie, but a blunt edge and minimal layering give the cut a distinctly bob-like feeling. Delicate pale hues add lightness. Learn more about this trend in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Sunday night was the annual Miss America pageant and Miss New York Kira Kazantsev was crowned as the new queen for the next year. Pageant hair is always perfect; sure, it may be slightly over coifed, but there is never a strand out of place, and there’s still something beautiful and glamorous about that. A little known fact about Miss America is that while they can have makeup artists and hair stylists in preliminaries, the day of the big show they are on their own and its up to them to style their perfect pageant hair. Click the notes for tips Miss America hopefuls live by.  –– Kelly Rowe

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