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Most women and girls own a flatiron. It’s a great quick fix tool; the heat means you can manipulate hair to be straighter, smoother, sexier. And instead of having to combine two tools –– a brush and a dryer –– you only need one. Using flatirons should be simple. But getting it wrong damages tresses, and there are a few common mishaps. Make sure they don’t happen to you with our guide to better hair straightening with a flat iron.

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The shear amount of different brushes to choose from can be overwhelming. Each brush was designed to be used is a specific way and when you understand what they were designed for, you can achieve professional results at home. In this video we learn who a paddle brush is designed for and how to use it.  Click the notes to view the video.

Without products or tools, even the best hairdressers would struggle to manipulate hair into some of its many wonderful shapes and styles. But I like to keep things simple; you don’t need a hatful of products to make most things work. If you choose your arsenal wisely, you can maintain beautiful, sexy hair with a streamlined and economical bag. If you have the right cleanse and condition regimen, a good prep product –– something you apply to damp hair before blowdrying to help create support  –– and a good finishing product –– something you apply to get the texture and finish that you want –– you are well on your way to great hair. Let’s continue the journey by looking at the features and benefits of some of my favorites… 

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