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In the oppressing heat of July temperatures, it’s basically routine to simply throw your hair up into a bun and go on with your day. It’s a quick and easy solution and provides relief from a sweaty neck. And while top knots are fab, they’re not always practical depending on your length and if you plan to put your hair back down during the day. That’s why you should start perfecting your low bun game. A low chignon won’t disturb the hair at your crown like a topknot will. So if you catch yourself getting a bit too sweaty for your liking, simply swoop hair back and secure with an elastic. Once you are ready to take it down again, shake out. It won’t look like you ever put it up…plus no dents. And the possibilities are endless. To up your low knot game, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

wake up with great hair

Let’s be honest, we all want amazing tresses when we wake up in the morning, but the trade-off of getting up early to have perfectly primped hair is hardly alluring. With full days and late nights, we’re all lucky if we don’t sleep through our alarms and throw up a pony mid-morning coffee. Luckily there are a few ways of cutting down the primping process and getting great hair every time. Click through to style notes to get tips and tricks on getting fabulous hair in no time.  –– Michelle Rotbart

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model off duty 1

Earlier in the week Laura wrote about Rocking Casual Like An Off Duty Model. Living in New York, these girls become easy to spot –– they make their signature off-duty style look so easy. While it’s sadly not as simple as rolling out of bed and throwing on the first thing that’s on your floor, once you’re accustomed to the look, one notices certain common traits, like messy topknots, low pony’s and cool hats mixed with an oversized T’s and major confidence. Click through to style notes to get inspired by some of my current favorite model off duty looks. –– Michelle Rotbart

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summer hair

Oh humidity! It’s starting to get a little too sticky outside for my taste. Besides the annoyance of sweating in my silk at 8AM, my waves are getting a little too frizzy. During this time of year, it’s not enough to just rely on a frizz-fighting serum to calm my curly tresses. Luckily, I have the inside scoop on hairstyles and products that will do the trick of keeping the frizz at bay. To learn about four styles that will prevent the puff, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart

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