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Photo: Hailey Baldwin Instagram

If you haven’t noticed, the ‘90s are trending hardcore. Chokers, bandannas, crop tops, and even a shirt around the waist is in. Inevitably, this means the ubiquitous ‘90s double buns are also in. Once favored by Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice circa 1997, the double topknots have been spotted on everyone from Cara Delevigne, who wore a fluffier version on her Suicide Squad press tour to Yara Shahidi, who wore super cute double knots, perfect for dealing with summer’s humidity. I’ve even seen Hailey Baldwin pair double buns with her bikini. So from fluffy to sleek, celebrities and street style stars are taking on this look, and so should you. Click through to the notes to see your favorite it-gals doubling up on this trend. –– Michelle Rotbart 

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The past few seasons are synonymous with the resurgence of braids; seen in editorials, blogs, and on runways, entwines have gone from fad to must-have. A new era of twining brings with it a variety of interesting plaits, like the asymmetry-creating side-braids. As the evolution continues, we are now seeing micro braids on the catwalks, in magazines, and on the street. Used to decorate simple styles, micro braids are quick and easy to do, chic and beatnik, and you don’t have to be a weaving master to look great. Click through to style notes to learn how to create some of my favorites itsy-bitsy braided looks. –– Michelle Rotbart 


The summer season brings the fashionable trend for carefree, even wild-looking hair. Tresses are getting messier and the accessories bolder and brighter as the season rolls on. From whimsical headbands to chunky Grecian side braids, these looks are unconventional yet easily wearable. And best of all, they’ll perfectly complement your summer wardrobe. To see the best warm-weather beauty trends, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart 


In works of art, lines lead the eye. They draw attention across a page or canvas, creating sensations of movement or stillness; in hair, lines focus awareness, and multiple edges falling at differing heights and angles create unexpected shifts. A great hair cut can highlight multiple features and downplay the face’s natural asymmetry, enhancing unique attributes while minimizing imperfections. Geometric bobs, hovering around cheekbones and chin as they do, exemplify this idea. Read on for tips to making this cut work for you. — Laura Martin

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