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Dark, cocoa-hued brown seems so fitting for Fall. A rich, lustrous dark tone adds shine to your strands and pairs well with pale skin. Since we all look a little paler in winter than we do in summer, and a bit of sparkle brightens the way we feel on dark wintry nights, it’s no surprise that shades of this ilk are amongst the most popular of the season. Discover our favorite formula for chocolate brown hair color in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →



Thanks to a certain coffee retailer, pumpkin spice has attained almost mythical status as a drink, as a scent, as a color, even as an abstract ideal of the fall season.  If you are not pumpkin’d out yet, you can put the trend on top of you head!  Pumpkin spice hair colors feature warm butternut tones with hints of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Just like the blend of Thanksgiving seasonings, this color is a perfect balance, bright but natural, neither strawberry nor auburn. Neutral makeup looks beautiful with this sultry shade, especially if you have a contrasting eye color. Click through the style notes for tips on achieving luscious pumpkin.  Click for StyleNotes →


Created by ARROJO Studio SoHo colorist Meagan Behrent at the Best of the Best Show in Atlanta, we love the orangey hue in this pixie razor cut by Nick Arrojo. Orange is not normally a desirable hair hue, as it is most often associated with the brassy tones one finds when blondes go bad, but this is something different entirely. Dimensional, bright, edgy and deliberate the color works with the cut, makeup and styling to create a look bathed in high fashion modernity. Steal the professional Goldwell color formula in the notes.

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These delicious shades of pretty brown remind me of nothing so much as the colors of good cocoa powder and almond milk, a delicious and delightful association. After many seasons of ombre, traditional highlights are becoming trendy again, and the crisp edges are perfect for weaving subtle contrast through dark bases without the soft differentiation disappearing. A look like this one doesn’t require a full head of tinfoil, just a clever application. Click the notes to learn the technique and get the professional formulations for these gorgeous shades. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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The rose gold trend is usually seen on blondes, but its increasing popularity has inspired a wider range of variations. Lately I’ve been seeing darker versions, brunette with rose gold highlights and coppery renditions like the ones pictured here. The bright warmth of these colors makes them perfect for celebrating the arrival of spring. Click the notes for the formula and tips on application. — Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →