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We love looking at eras of fashion for creative inspiration and today we’ve got the 1960s on the mind (see the bouffant post above). One of our favorite style icons from the time of the Mod is Twiggy. If it hadn’t been for THAT haircut, Twiggy, could have been just another good looking girl swinging in London. But when she chopped it off, the world stopped and watched. Ever since, celebrities –– think Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson from the modern era –– have been taking radical cuts as a means to get themselves noticed. Twiggy was a pioneer, as well as an icon.  You can learn how to recreate her look in the notes.

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Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, and super model Gisele Bündchen recently teamed up to prove to the world that cropped cuts are super sexy. For his third runway season at Balenciaga, Alexander Wang shot Gisele for his Fall 2014 campaign. Nothing too special right? A super model in a designer ad? Wrong. The ad totally rocked beauty standards by depicting Gisele–a super model known and loved for her envy-inducing beach waves––with a masculine cropped cut. Fashion-followers got a glimpse of a new and rebellious Gisele in her shorn and slicked back strands amongst a series of cracked mirrors, which makes the campaign even more intriguing. Don’t worry wave-enthusiasts, it was all excellently faked through the use of some photoshop magic. But we really love the look and if Giselle and other top super models can pull off this hot style, you can too. From Twiggy to Linda to Kate, click through to style notes to see our favorite super-models with cropped hair. –– Michelle Rotbart

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The first supermodel wasn’t buxom or exotic; she was a thin British girl who did her own makeup. Her look was doll-like and androgynous, and her cropped cut was a critical part of her look, which emphasized her big eyes and delicate cheekbones. The golden blonde hue that she acquired with the cut was just as inspiring: bright, shiny and youthful. After years of choppy, textured short cuts, sleeker styles are making a comeback and Twiggy’s classic look is the perfect inspiration for your own short shape. Read on for simple steps to achieving her iconic style. –– Laura Martin 

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Sami Gayle is channelling the spirit of sixties icon, Twiggy, with this stand out look. A crop cut with weightless, head-hugging curvature that accentuates the female head shape, the style boasts beautiful fluidity, softness and texture. With her large eyes and petite frame, and A-line dress Sami is the perfect fit for this mod-inspired look. For tips on getting and maintaining a similar hairstyle, click style notes.

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Ever since the sixties –– think twiggy’s iconic crop –– attention-seeking celebrities have used the drama of a short hair cut to put themselves in the spotlight. In our age, the likes of Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, Shailene Woodley, and Coco Rocha have all taken the snip, and then posted pictures of their new image, encouraging the world to marvel at their daring makeovers. JLaw hardly needs more overtures and we loved her long, flowing, carefree tresses, so this was a shocker. But we can’t deny that her new look is better than good. With a tight nape and a gushing asymmetrical line angling into sweeping bangs, she creates both-head-hugging shape and artful unbalance, for the perfect marriage of punk and pixie. One fun thing about short styles is the ability to rearrange the aesthetic from day to day; you can go from sleek and smooth to textured and tousled in a flash. For our tips, click style notes.

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