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The internet has exploded with a barrage of underlights in psychedelic hues, claiming that this technique is the perfect way to have vibrant strands that you can conceal at the office. The assertion is a bit dubious—The only feasible way you could completely conceal underlights is to avoid moving—but the technique does allow the wearer to have a subtle accent shade that won’t dominate their look. One of my favorite applications of this technique is to use it to add bits of a brighter version of the base color. The look pictured above shows a classic version, an ashy dusk blonde enhanced with starry underlights. Get application tips and formulas for this look in the style notes. ––  Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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It’s award season, which means plenty of time to gawk at our favorite celebrities, a significant number of whom have recently adapted titian tresses. From Clemence is having a moment. Each of these ladies has a unique shade, but all of them fall firmly into the warm side of the color spectrum. The reds of the moment range from peach to bronze to poppy. Click the notes to learn more about which reds are trending now. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


In the summer no one wants to mess with high maintenance hair. The best colors for the warmer months weather well; they evolve with sun exposure and grow out softly. These easygoing styles will give you a little something new that will look gorgeous for months to come. Click the style notes for ten inspiring takes on subtle summer color. –– Laura Martin

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