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Image: Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue

Amy Adams steals the show in the latest Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue, due for national release next week. Her glamorous gown and elegant pose are framed by a vintage Hollywood wave, the signature look of the leading ladies of the 40s and 50s. With one side of the hairstyle tucked behind the ear, the ‘do creates beatifying face-face-framing asymmetry. Yet the real magic is the ‘C’-shaped waves falling romantically off the shoulder. It encourages the eyes to look all around the face frame, taking in cheekbones, chin, lips and eyes. A little softer and less severe than the original interpretations of this style, Amy’s take puts the best of old world allure with modern beauty trends. Learn how to recreate it below.  Click for StyleNotes →


Promoting her turn as Sally Bowles in Broadway’s latest rerun of Cabaret, Emma Stone gets racy and lacy for the latest issue of Vanity Fair. Shot on location at Studio 54, the venue for the show, the porcelain beauty bowls us over with her beautiful vintage bob. You too can create a contemporary version of a classic pin curled look. If you are banging down the doors of your local boîte tonight, click notes for tips for perfect pin curls.

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Well, well, well –– it looks like someone is planning on making a walk of fame at this weekend’s Oscars. Out and about at Vanity Fair’sCampaign Hollywood party, Jennifer Lawrence debuted a shimmering collection of sun-kissed highlights. With a California-girl complexion and piercing blue eyes, she has the contrast to make this a drop dead gorgeous look. Fast becoming a style icon, the Silver Linings Playbookactress styled her hair in a uber-trendy wrap-around-the-base pony, with lots of height and volume at the crown. For tips for creating a similar style, including the artful pony, click style notes.

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And you thought it was a fad! The straight texture on top, moving into full-blown waves downs the sides and back, which hit the runways and red carpets this season, got an official stamp of “on trend” approval with this Julia Roberts Vanity Fair cover. With outward kicks and flips in the front, the style creates a great face frame. The hair looks luscious, sexy and full, with the laid-back seventies vibe. A very subtle ombre color, notice how the golden highlights are perfectly placed to spotlight the variation in texture.

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At first glance, the perfect center-part looks like the base of a stunning straight style –– and it is –– until we get to the ends and we see the soft ‘S’ shapes creating beautiful variation in texture. Multi-toned blonde highlighting adds glistering depth and dimension. We love the way the length drapes over the shoulders  –– so sexy! 

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