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Out of all the pastel shades, green probably feels the scariest, especially for blondes who have experienced the accidental jade of an   pool. But the right shade of verdigris can be pretty and very flattering.This zesty color reminds me of freshly squeezed lime juice. Green neutralizes pink tones in the skin and looks gorgeous against fair complexions. Click the notes for application tips and the professional formulation. ––  Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


Although many people choose to lighten their hair for the summer, in the warmer months I often find myself attracted to darker shades. A light tan gives my normally pale skin just enough pigment to stand up to rich hues without looking washed out. This deep verdigris is a lovely choice for summer: reflective, verdant and jewel-like. Click the style notes for the formulation and tips on applying the hue. –– Laura Martin

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