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Known for her soft, sexy, always perfectly placed waves Veronica Lake’s glamorous hairstyle has been copied on every red carpet since she first stole Hollywood’s heart with her signature look. Even the biggest stars of Tinsel Town have struggled to match her enviable old world beauty and mystique. But Jessica Alba gives it a good run. What she lacks in seductive gaze, she makes up for in beautiful tumbling ‘S’ shaped swirls, an eye-catching asymmetrical face-frame, and cheery sensibility. Surprisingly, this kind of style is easy to replicate at home. Click notes to get your glam on…

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The femme fatale of film noir, Veronica Lake found fame and favor with a peek-a-boo hairstyle that grazed over her right eye in a seductive ‘S’ shape, following the curves of her eye socket, cheekbones and chin. Her wavy style became her signature, and has been copied by Hollywood heroines ever since. Fancy a dose of vintage glamor? It’s easy if you know how. Get our tips below.

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We love a good vamp, especially the Old Hollywood kind. During the hype of the Film Noir era of the ‘40s and ‘50s, femme fatale dominated the silver screen. The tailored dresses, the bold lip, the seductive come-hither look. Hair-wise, you can channel your inner femme fatale with a deep side part and a Veronica Lake-inspired wave cascade. An easy way to add asymmetry, this timeless style gives sophistication and class –– with minimal effort. A deep part is flattering on all face shapes, and leaves lots of hair to play with on the long side. As seen in the collage above, today’s bad girls are flaunting their own versions of Veronica’s glamorous look. You can too. For tips on creating the deep sweep, click style notes.

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Reminiscent of the tumbling, peek-a-boo glamor wave of 1940s style icon, Veronica Lake, Beyonce wore this style for her new H&M ad campaign. Full of feminine mystique, the look benefits from the asymmetrical, short to long face-frame and the tumbling wave cascade. Beyonce’s sweeping hair and seductive gaze epitomize timeless Hollywood glamor, while the ornate accessory adds visual balance to the look. Beach waves are back in fashion for spring and summer; this style fits that modern trend, yet retains old world elegance and class –– perfect for an occasion. To create the look, the key ingredient is a consistent wave pattern. To learn how to do it, click style notes.

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Fashion-forward women tend to dress more to impress each other than to draw the attention of ogling men’s eyes, but Valentine’s Day is different. It’s the time to magnetize your man. And nothing works better than glossy vintage waves. From Veronica Lake to Jessica Alba, this style is a hallmark for iconic beauties. The soft finish and brow-grazing sweep minimize imperfections while looking mysteriously demure. Best of all this style works for a variety of lengths, from chin to mid-back. Who wouldn’t want to wine and dine a Hollywood starlet? This look is surprisingly easy to create, but it does require some time, making it the perfect option for a special occasion. To get romantically glamorous in a few simple steps, click style notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →