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Inspired by the unforgettably chic heroines of Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic horror movies, like Psycho and The Birds, this retro spread from Vogue Mexico December Issue offers an array of inspiration for anyone looking to achieve classic cinematic beauty for a Holiday party or special occasion. Model Elsa Hosk wears her blonde hair in a range of alluring styles, from classic side parts with tumbling waves through to an inventive use of a head scarf. Paired with beautiful makeup and vintage clothing, the whole ensemble comes together as tightly as a Hitchcock plot. See the complete spread below.  Click for StyleNotes →

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We think of the eighties and we tend to think frizz, blue eye shadow, scrunchies. But not all eighties fashion was over-the-top. There was a sort of innocent decadence that is often forgotten. Think about Princess Diana, Brooke Shields, Michelle Pfeiffer. These lades had soft hair, peachy makeup and big pearls; they looked youthful, innocent and sexy. The look shown here recalls the softer side of the eighties, bringing back a feminine glamour that’s been away for far too long. Learn to create it in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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We throw the word icon around rather loosely these days, draping it over those that takes are fancy. But there are few people who are actually synonymous with style, who epitomize the look of a specific era, and become essence of a particular movement. Bardot is one of the few. Her fashion sense has inspired decades of imitation and countless riffs and variations. This is true of her clothing, her makeup, and, most importantly, her hair. Her bouncy, tousled blonde tresses still inspire envy; they’ve also inspired many of the current trends. Click the notes to learn more. –– Laura Martin

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Looking for a holiday fix for your short hairstyle? Well look no further, these quick and easy styles will give your cropped cut a festive appearance in five minutes or less. Wear them to your company holiday party, or to give your hair a quick happy hour pick-me-up. Click the notes for instructions to creating each look. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →


We love this sexy look from Cara Delevingne; the color and style is perfect for anyone who enjoys feeling like a bombshell. With a center-part and height at the crown, there’s influence from the teased styles of the sixties and seventies, but the rumpled, rolled-out-of-bed finish is all about the shabby chic of the modern girl about town. What really sets the look apart is the color. A dirty, golden sandy blonde, it makes an amazing match to Cara’s creamy complexion, while simultaneously striking a remarkable contrast to her piercing blue eyes. With the advent of dry shampoo, messy long styles like this are easy to create at home; click for tips. . .