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Image: Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue

Amy Adams steals the show in the latest Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue, due for national release next week. Her glamorous gown and elegant pose are framed by a vintage Hollywood wave, the signature look of the leading ladies of the 40s and 50s. With one side of the hairstyle tucked behind the ear, the ‘do creates beatifying face-face-framing asymmetry. Yet the real magic is the ‘C’-shaped waves falling romantically off the shoulder. It encourages the eyes to look all around the face frame, taking in cheekbones, chin, lips and eyes. A little softer and less severe than the original interpretations of this style, Amy’s take puts the best of old world allure with modern beauty trends. Learn how to recreate it below.  Click for StyleNotes →



The thought of roller-setting your hair may conjure images of the hair salons of the sixties, hood dryers and cigarettes but we shouldn’t forget the benefits of a vintage hairstyling technique. Made famous by film stars like Veronica Lake, a brushed-out roller-set is still one the most iconic and beautifying hairstyles. Glamorous, lustrous, neck-grazing waves and deep side-part encourages the eyes of an admirer to drift across the face frame, taking in features like lips and eyes, cheekbones and décolletage.  Nowadays, instead of having to roller-set hair over several hours, or even overnight, you can use hot-tools to create this look as quick as a flash. Here’s how. . .   Click for StyleNotes →


Photo: Georgina Grenville by Inez & Vinoodh for V #13 Fall 2001

I have fond memories of the topsy tail pony. As a child, my grandmother would gently rub my head and then gather the length of my pony to create a look that was both cute and quirky. But over the years, just like butterfly clips and body glitter, I left the topsy tail in my box of nostalgia. Recently though I started seeing the style emerge in surprisingly chic and elevated variations. And it all makes sense, this is a great style to keep hair off your face all summer and a great alternative to an up-do. I love that this childhood favorite ended up being an effortless high fashion statement. To get started on your topsy tail, click through to the notes. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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Hair combs are elegant and have a lovely vintage feeling, and now they’re more useful than ever thanks to extended length. These are great for clipping back the side of a bob, adding some sparkle to a French twist, or anchoring a victory roll. Lauren Conrad loves them too; you can check out her ideas here or click the style notes for recommended uses and tips on where to find this fantastic adornment. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →