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Puce is the French word for flea and this color—said to be the favorite of Marie Antoinette despite it’s off-putting name—is the color of things not normally considered beautiful, insects and blood stains, but despite unfortunate associations, the color itself is quite intriguing. Reddish, grayish, and tinged in violet, puce is a complex, balanced brown, lighter than mahogany, darker than strawberry, but with tints of both. It’s one of those shades that people are bound to be intrigued by and when someone asks what color your hair is, well, you’ll have quite the conversation starter. Click the notes to get the formula. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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You probably know there is some sort of correlation between your hair color and your skin tone, but there’s a common misconception that your skin and hair should match, or at least fall in the same tonal family (warm with warm, cool with cool). Not true! Matching your hair to your skin makes you look washed out or sickly. Don’t do it! Instead, you need to go for the opposite tone. Do that and you’ll have lots of options. Just take a look at Rihanna. Her warm skin glows when she wears cool red and browns, but looks weirdly orange when she pairs it with copper and gold shades. How do you know which skin tone you have? What if you’re neutral? Just click through to the notes to find out. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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When it comes to hair color and coffee, people often assume that darker is better. Who wants a weak brew or a diluted hue? But darker doesn’t necessarily mean better tasting or more beautiful. Dark roasted coffee beans can be overly bitter and super rich hair color can be harsh and stark looking. A light touch can actually lead to greater complexity. Light roast beans have a bright, fruity taste and lighter brown colors are shinier and reveal tertiary and quaternary tones. The shade pictured here has violet, gold, and silver undertones for a cool, pearlescent finish. Get the formula and application tips in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


While I want summer to last forever I am always excited about the crisp mornings, new clothes, and autumnally scented candles that September brings. With the start of fall around the corner, many are thinking about the transition back to brunette. The modern art of hair painting allows you to bring autumn tones into your strands without having to change everything. It adds character to your style. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

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This pretty look, created by stylist Elysia Purnell, features bold details, shyly placed, creating a coy and surprisingly delicate look. A classic bob outline and clever color placement  minimize the high-contrast color and disconnection. Soft copper is contrasted by a rich violet placed in the naturally shadow of the roots. Short bangs and nape are softened by a classic a-line shape and side swept bang overlay. The result is funky, fashionable, and classic. Click the style notes for tips on recreating the look. –– Laura Martin

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