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It’s a new year and with it many of us make resolutions to look better and do better. However, we all know that drastic ambitions and promises tend to fail fairly quickly. So this year, we’re suggesting we all take little steps to improve and make our great hair resolutions actually doable. It’s far more productive to make small adjustments everyday rather than drastic quick fixes. You’ll be more likely to stick to your new plan and you’ll end up with the hair of your dreams. Ready to get started? Click through to style notes to get the know-how. Here’s to a year of great hair.

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The latest eating trends rely heavily on protein and veggies. Carbs are out, especially grains. We know that hair is made of a protein called keratin, and eating protein does indeed help build healthy strands. Grain-free diets help people reduce their sugar intake, a boon for strands as sugar can make your body produce a chemical called androgen that literally shrinks hair follicles. High-protein diets also tend to be higher in zinc and iron, both of which are essential for hair growth. But is it all good news or can the absence of grain in your diet have a negative impact on your hair? Click the style notes to find out. –– Laura Martin

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Let’s be honest, we all want great hair. When it’s working in our favor, it gives us star-level confidence. Sadly though, when it’s doesn’t it makes us not want to leave our beds. For all the attributes that we lust for—volume, shine, thickness and frizz free strands we strictly adhere to a regimen of proper cleansing, condition and styling, but let’s not forget that our nutrition can also make a big difference. Our hair is directly affected by what we eat. Think you’re getting all the right vitamins and nutrients for great hair? Click through to style notes to learn six essentials that should be on your plate. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Until recently the benefits of natural oils, like coconut and olive, were marketed for health and skin care benefits, while hair care struggled along with 1980s-inspired scientific terms, like ‘Vitamin B5 Complex.’ But things are changing; hair care ingredients are sounding sexy. The fattiness of exotic oils is being squeezed into the best hair care products, so all you need to know is what to look for on the label, and what those ingredients can do. Get the oily goodness below..

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