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This inspiration for this hue is midday sun. When our star is high in the sky, it gives off a bright white light suffused with subtle warmth. This color is as bright as your favorite platinum but not the least bit icy. It’s golden warmth maximizes reflectiveness, making strands glow with near-blinding brilliance. Click the notes for the professional formula for this sunny shade. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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August blooms, bountiful farmers markets, and luminous sunsets fill the last weeks of summer with warm, rich hues, providing a multitude of color inspiration. My favorite hair colors this time of year are rich and saturated, but softened with a dusting of lighter pieces in the same color family, for sun-kissed dimension. These looks, inspired by summery desserts, offer a mix of freshness and richness that’s perfect for the bountiful days of late summer. Click the notes to learn more about late summer palettes and suggested formulas. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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Gold hair gets a bad wrap, perceived as brassy or overly bright, but a little warmth is key for shine and flatters most skin tomes as long as it’s balanced. Pairing softly golden ends with a darker neutral color at the roots anchors the shade and adds contrast. The effect is sophisticated, like antiqued precious metals. It’s gold with patina, rich and luxurious. Click the notes for the formulas and tips on application. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


This shiny deep brown shade is absolutely decadent. A blend of red, gold and ash brown hues, the color has a spectrum of reflection that flatters a variety of skin tones. Perfect for adding a bit of drama for the cool months this lovely hue pairs beautifully with vampy red lips or soft natural beauty. The saturation of tones provides maximum versatility with a warmth that keeps the shade from washing out pale complexions. Click the style notes for the formula and tips on application. –Laura Martin

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