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Platinum blonde is the biggest color trend of the summer, but maintaining an ashy silver tone while frequenting beaches and outdoor concerts can be extremely challenging. This color, which is extra-pale, but slightly buttery, is the perfect solution. The slightly warm tone sparkles in the daytime but still looks icy in the softer light of evening. Get the formula and tips on achieving glossy, even blonde in the notes. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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Two words thrown around a lot in the world of hair color are depth and richness. What do these oblique words even mean? As a client sitting unsure in the chair you may find yourself agreeing to something that you don’t really want just because it sounds nice. You may feel these two words are interchangeable, but they aren’t. Click the notes get the lowdown. –– Kelly Rowe

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Red hair is gorgeous, but it’s a big statement. And for some personalities (and skin tones) it’s just to much…until now. This rich blend of burgundy and copper creates a customized shade that includes both bright berry hues and rich spice notes for vibrancy that’s complex and understated. This shade will make you look gorgeous without stealing the show. Get the professional formulation and tips on application in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Skin tone has everything to do with picking a hair color. Never let someone tell you that you can’t wear a color because of your skin tone. What the colorist should be saying is, “we can do a version of this so it makes you look your best.” Click the notes for tips for your skin tone. –– Kelly Rowe

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