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Many of us love tousled hair because there’s no pressure. No need to keep everything in place totally perfectly. You actually want your hair to be messy and out of place. A little beachy or a bit windblown are things that you’re looking for when getting your hair into its tousled state. However, there is an art to messing up your hair in the correct way. Every time you see a model or celebrity looking perfectly disheveled you know there’s a pro behind it. To learn how to get perfectly imperfect strands, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart

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It finally feels like Fall, an occasion-filled season offering lots of opportunity to whip out sexy, tumbled and textured tresses filled with volume. But not too many of us were born with bombshell body and bounce, so, like Bardot, you’ve got to fake that extra oomph. From lift inducing whip to thickening dry shampoos, there are products designed to make going from flat and fuddy-duddy to bouncy bodacious bombshell as easy as pie and as quick as a flash. Click through for our top picks. . . Click for StyleNotes →

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Sometimes second day hair is as easy as a few spritzes of dry shampoo and a gentle tousle. Other times you wake up with a weird kink or cowlick and need to rethink the whole style, which is totally fine because these looks actually work better when your hair has a bit of grit. Whether you want to refine your texture or whip up a quick updo we’ve got just the thing. Click the notes for details. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →