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tousled hair

Many of us love tousled hair because there’s no pressure. No need to keep everything in place totally perfectly. You actually want your hair to be messy and out of place. A little beachy or a bit windblown are things that you’re looking for when getting your hair into its tousled state. However, there is an art to messing up your hair in the correct way. Every time you see a model or celebrity looking perfectly disheveled you know there’s a pro behind it. To learn how to get perfectly imperfect strands, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Great hair, like most things in life, is about balance. Combining disparate elements makes for the most intriguing result. Pairing a highly texture cut, wild styling, and bright color makes for an unstructured mess; a blunt shape, severe shade and smooth styling make an inflexible helmet. This look achieves equilibrium by combining a tousled, low-glow finish with a classically structured cut and an understated smokey brown. The result is easy, polished, and edgy. Learn to strike the perfect balance in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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wet hair

In an ideal world, your hair would magically dry into a prefect style after your evening shower. We’d all go to bed with perfectly dry hair and wake up without a hair out of place, no tufts or flyaways daring to make an appearance. Sadly, in real life, this doesn’t happen. For those of us who like to rinse at night and are sick of blow-drying before bed, there is still hope. Click through to style notes for the details on how to go to bed with wet hair and wake up with wonderful hair. –– Michelle Rotbart

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