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Did you get up for work today by telling yourself you don’t have to get up tomorrow? Got your earphones in and your desk jams on? Are you texting friends about the latest Open Bar invitation? It’s official, you’ve got the Friday Feeling. Imagine a hairdo that made you feel like that! Click through for five styles sure to brighten any mood.  Click for StyleNotes →

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Summer can be harsh on your hair; the constant sun, salt water, chlorine are all factors that can lead to damage. Believe it or not, it’s nothing compared to winter. The low humidity conditions makes the hair fragile and prone to breakage. So, when you heat style in winter, you are virtually guaranteeing damage. Learning how to make hair look better when air-drying will help you break away from constant heat styling, and it will also prepare you for frizz free summer tresses. Click the notes for more. —Kelly Rowe

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Winter can be a hard season for blondes. Blonde just isn’t usually very cozy, and while it looks great with tanned skin and beachy waves, in the winter it can seem washed-out or bland. This richly spiced bronde shade is the perfect solution. The complex color has a neutral base dusted with hints or warm spice for a gorgeous hue that’s cozy but light, like a fluffy bowl of porridge. Get the formula and tips on applying it in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Now it’s October, the worries of the effects of heat of and humidity on hair are over. But nature always has the last laugh; those concerns will soon be replaced by us fretting about the cold and the wind and the rain and the sleet and the snow. All these things cause frizz. Blustering winds, dank days, and snowballs can leave hair incredibly dry, which makes hair puff up and frizz. It doesn’t have to be that way. The right regimen makes it easier. For tips for caring for your hair in the winter season, click style notes.

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Silvery shades have a calm, cool look. Unlike neons or pastels, pearlescent colors have an air of maturity. By mimicking the natural effects of aging, this fashionable hue is a soft statement that complements most color palettes and skin tones. Since gray exhibits little to no tone it creates a brightening effect in whatever surrounds it, making it popular even among people who wouldn’t wear other “fashion shades”. Use panels of heather interspersed with sherbet hues to accentuate brightness, or against warm browns to bring out undertones. It illuminates and balances shades subtle or bright. Click through the style notes for tips and tricks to wearing your own shade of gray.  –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →